Monday, August 10, 2015

Bell Canada's Mobile Technical Support Strives for New Lows

Previous blog entries have chronicled some of our issues and problems with Bell Canada's cellular based Internet service. Up until a month or two ago we were actually getting fairly good and reliable service from them. Then we started to have issues with low signal strength on our cell phones and noticed that the signal strength on the "Turbo" Hub had dropped as well. Calls to Virgin Mobile (our phone service provider) have yet to be resolved regarding the regular loss of service in our area.

But today after several intermittent periods of extremely bad Internet service I got fed up and called Bell Mobile Tech support. The sweet talking rep was clearly well trained as she started going through the standard steps of trying to get me to find problems with my modem. I draw the line when they get to the part about removing and re-inserting the SIM card from the modem as if this has something to do with poor response times and transfer speeds through their towers. After refusing to transfer me to someone that can help I restated that I had already restarted the modem but would not remove the SIM card and then she immediately hung up on me in mid-sentence. Unbelievable! They clearly couldn't care less about their customers.

The SIM card has not been removed from our modem since it was installed several years ago and there is no possible way for it to be related to the problems I'm having. I cringe when thinking about the thousands of Bell customers who's time an patience has been wasted with these ridiculous requests by telephone support staff. Not only that but Bell Canada wastes millions paying these people to waste our time when they could be investigating real problems that might be affecting hundreds or thousands of customers in a given area.

So I once again begin the search for service alternatives in rural Ontario. Sigh.

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