Saturday, August 25, 2012

Binary Destiny?

As a computer scientist I've often been superstitiously pleased that most of the places I've lived in had numbers that involved powers of 2. The first house that Heather and I purchased together was 32, matching the number of my parents house that I lived in from grade 4 onward. Our recent house in Barrie was 16, another good omen. Only our house in Newmarket of many years didn't quite fit the pattern being 108. Although the 1 and 0 are somewhat binary and the 8 is a good number. Perhaps this non-power of 2 home explains why Samantha eschewed a potential career in C.S. for one of Anthropology. Our new home being 284 is not a power of 2 but has auspiciously pleasing power of 2 digits. And this morning I'm thinking I recall our birth home in west Toronto as being a 22 with a certain double binary emphasis. May the power of 2 be with you. ;^)