Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Logitech squeezebox products...

Ever since I found out about Slim Devices I thought their Squeezebox Player was one of the coolest products for audio playback. I bought my squeezebox player right around the time when Slim Devices was acquired by Logitech. My player is a great addition to my stereo system and provides direct access to my entire CD collection along with access to the multitude of Internet radio stations.

A short while ago I was reviewing another of their cool products, the Squeezebox Boom which is like a network enabled boom box. This would provide music in another room with the same great access to all that audio. So today I was thinking about going ahead with this purchase so I go to the Logitech website (which sucks as bad as so many other poorly designed websites) and lo and behold, the Boom product is no longer there. The closest thing I could find is this "Squeezebox Radio" product that has just one speaker!! WTF!! Are we returning to the days of monaural audio from tinny little speakers!

Next thing I do is try to find some contact link to ask them whether this "Radio" thing has stereo output or not. As is typical these days, these companies make it as hard as possible to contact them. Basic product information - totally unavailable. I call their 1-800 number and ask the person about it and they don't have a clue, so they forward me to their support people (who apparently are in Halifax Nova Scotia btw), and sure enough, this thing has only one speaker and the Boom product has been discontinued. Very disappointing! He did hint that some new product will be out in the future but can't say when. Not so useful.

Really makes you wonder how these product decisions are made. I guess it's a typical big company now with the usual inefficient politics and decision making.

So, I guess we have to live without full music access from the bedroom until I find a viable alternative product (or a used Squeezebox Boom).