Monday, August 9, 2010

Bell Canada ExpressVu loyalty department tells blatant lies...

Wow, these big companies just get worse and worse. They just don't give a damn. We had another recent episode with Bell trying to get a receiver activated. They wanted to charge us more money to get a new smart card for this perfectly good receiver. We complained to their loyalty department and spoke with someone who claimed his name was Oscar and he even gave us his employee number. He said he would credit our account for the amount of the card and send the card to us. Well two weeks later we call to find out why the card has not arrived and they have no record of it whatsoever. Even the employee number he gave us was invalid.

Is it some natural tendency for large corporations to become more and more arrogant and careless? Capitalism really is not working these days. Perhaps the activists are right.

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Andrew said...

Bell, like many large corporations has an IT rats nest on their hands. They have tried to tie legacy systems to newer software with the end result that no one knows how anything works. The staff in the call centre are aware of the problem and chose to lie just to keep their per call time down (this is monitored and used as a performance measure). Basically corporations are dinosaurs waiting for the asteroid to hit and put them out of our misery.