Friday, January 29, 2010

Websites hacked - I feel violated

Well I found out yesterday that most of the websites I maintain on a shared hosting account were hacked and some illegal code was added to the end of almost every main page. It turned out that most of my ftp accounts had been somehow used to download, modify and upload the web pages.

The code that was illegally added was a frame reference to the "" domain which is registered to some low-life named "Egor Torberg" in St. Petersburg, Russia. This guys hacked into our ftp accounts from the IP address: which resolves to "". Either this dickhead is in the US or he's hopping through a server in Tuscon to avoid tracebacks.

The fact that this low-life somehow found out the account id's for all of my ftp accounts, and possibly the passwords as well, makes me rather concerned about the security of my account information at my hosting provider. I've already made them aware of this but I think I'll have to emphasize my concerns. I'm worried about my email account integrity now as well.

Watch out for these Internet scumbags and shut them out whenever possible.