Monday, September 28, 2009

Touchpad scrolling problem - solution revealed

I've been pissed off many times by the fact that the scrolling on my touchpad just stops working all of a sudden. I couldn't figure out what was causing it to stop working. Sometimes it would just start working again on it's own and other times I would just reboot my machine to fix it.

Well, other people have discovered that watching online flash videos in full screen mode is what triggers the problem. And the weirdest thing is that it can be fixed by hitting the spacebar twice!! Is that bizarre or what. Software!! It really makes you wonder.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miscellaneous update...

Well, we're back in Barrie after spending 10 days up at the cottage. Heather had been staying there since the beginning of August - rough life eh? Lot's of chores happening at the cottage - Finishing the renovations in the master bedroom, fixing some drainage problems in the new pump room before winter comes, had 18 tons of crushed gravel deposited on the driveway to eliminate the mud puddles. Of course in between chores there was plenty of wine, guitar playing, canoeing and general relaxation. Overall a great vacation. I think we had only one surprise rain shower during the entire week.

Found out today that Sam will be receiving another nice grant for her masters work for this coming year. Great news since this should avoid any financial worries for her while she finishes her thesis and decides what to do the following year.

At home we're doing some small landscaping jobs and I'm bottling and brewing more wine to keep us fueled for the near future. Heather will be thinking about starting up her art classes again and getting settled back into the home studio.

Jim called last night to tell us about the space station flyby with the shuttle docked so we went outside just after 8pm last night and sure enough there it was like a bright star moving across the sky as scheduled. Will try to catch it again tonight. If you want to try to see it check out: and click on "Sighting Opportunities".

It's been over two months since we were in Newfoundland and I still haven't completed my photo album but much of it is done, so for a preview check it out here: I'll be trying to finish it off over the next month or two.

Till next time. Cheers!