Friday, May 15, 2009

April/May update...

Wow, a whole month with no blog entries. Well, I guess you could say it's a good thing that life is full enough to not be wasting time blogging. The weather here in Ontario has been a bit wild. We had a late snow storm back in April and since then the temperatures have been going up and down like a yoyo.

Had a nice visit with Mom at Maura's place on Mothers day. See the pics on picassa. Larry was in top form playing "bunghole" (I almost beat him) , manning the BBQ and as usual playing and singing some tunes. Nice to see little Jimmy home from school for the summer. His guitar playing is impressive. Made me say I wished I could go back to school full time.

Spent some cash on a new camera recently. Upgraded from my reliable (and lovable) D50 to a shiny new Nikon D90. Have to learn all the great new features. The three best reasons for upgrading (so far): Bigger display screen, much improved low-light shooting capability, and higher resolution. The D90 feels about exactly the same size as the D50 and is similar enough that a D50 user can just pick it up and use it. I'm glad the shutter is a bit quieter for shooting in public or quiet spaces (although it still makes a fair "click"). So I'm looking forward to shooting thousands of pics with this camera. Especially when we go to Newfoundland this summer to visit Sam.

Found out my cousin John has a blog. Check it out at He's been traveling around Europe recently in his cool camper van. Looks like a great way to go on vacation. Heather and I might try this someday.

Cheers for now.