Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coalition Government - Bah Humbug

Layton, Dion and Duceppe

They're trying to create chaos, inefficiency and uncertainty during a financial crisis!! WHY ARE THESE GUYS SMILING!!

They're smiling because they're having fun playing political games and jockeying for positions of power. They're going to blow the Canadian economy out of the water so we'll join the Americans in a total state of chaos.

Supporters of these three will gawk in horror when they try to understand why their RSP values have taken another dive.

This insanity must be stopped!!!


Andrew said...

Well Paul, I guess they are pleased because they think they are going to replace the current government with a more responsive one. They think that the current path will do nothing for poor people like us and allow the rich to continue to prosper. Kind of like the Obama approach vs the Bush experience. Don't claim to have any insight on the correct answer but steady as she goes Harper seems to be in denial about what everyone in the financial quarters are thinking.

Paul H. Breslin said...

Andy, I don't believe it for one second that they have anyone's interest but their own in mind here. In fact most Canadians are of the same opinion: http://www.canadianbusiness.com/managing/ceo-poll/article.jsp?content=20081205_131707_8420&utm_source=business&utm_medium=rss

The last thing we need during a difficult time like this is a disruptive government turnover to a bunch of newbies with little to no experience running the federal portfolios (IMHO).

If we go to an election they will feel the backlash.

Andrew said...

You should be happy that you actually have someone reading and responding to your blog.


Andrew said...

Paul, I urge you to watch The Money Masters


This should give you a better context on which to base your judgements of what is in fact happening in our financial systems and why we face the loss of jobs and saved money or assets.