Friday, May 30, 2008

First Blog Entry

Don't have time to put much here right now.

Some things we can talk about:
- Photography
- Gravity
- Software Technology
- Software Architecture
- Off the grid power generation
- Cottage water systems
- Web and software peeves
- Learning to play classical and flamenco guitar
- More I'm sure


Fran said...

what a fantastic site, are you related to John, Kathleen, Bridget Breslin who was born 4/12/27, their mother was Dana, and father a master tailor, kathleen died recently and lived in Portadown, John lived and died in Northern England, Bridget lives in Australia,one of the other sisters married a Livingstone
regards Fran

Paul H. Breslin said...

Hi Fran,
No as far as I know I'm not related to the ones you mention. But who knows, perhaps some distant Breslin from the past is a common great grand parent?